“Ci sono quattro cose meravigliose nel mondo, famiglia, amici, dormire e buon cibo”

“There are four wonderful things in the world, family, friends, sleep and good food”


The kitchen has become more than just the place where food is prepared, it has become the heart of many homes, where family and friends gather to share the day’s events and plan for tomorrow’s adventures! However, the home kitchen is still the place to accomplish basic functions. This is why it is important for the home kitchen to be one of the core family meeting points and at the same time, be practical and fully functional as required.

Built in cupboards

With the shortage of space being a major issue in most homes, the need for smart space usage is essential. We can solve that problem by adding cupboards to existing ones or re-designing the entire area. There are also many ingenious methods of making use of space inside the cupboards by adding inventive gadgets to make life easier. With our experience in the business, we have tackled many storage dilemmas and will, therefore, be able to make effective and efficient suggestions to assist you.

Home pubs/bars

Entertaining in your home may be your ideal way to spend time with family and friends, and what better way to do that than at your own pub or bar. d&g Kitchens has installed many pubs and bars into clients’ homes, each of which is special and unique to the clients’ desires.

Bathroom vanities

Our bathroom vanities are made to custom fit the space you have available, and wherever possible we try to enclose all the unsightly pipes and drains, but at the same time keeping them fully accessible for emergencies. Bathroom vanities can be made from all the materials we have available to us, however, let d&g Kitchens help you in making the wisest, and the most practical choice.

Turnkey solutions

d&g Kitchens not only offers you the service of design and installation of the cupboards you want, but we will also supply all the necessary behind the scenes work that is required to make the space functional. These services include certified gas installation, plumbing work, electrical work, painting, tiling and stone installations (natural and engineered). Using only well established and reliable associates ensures that your installation runs as smoothly as possible, with superior quality results. You only have to deal with one company, d&g Kitchens!

Study & entertainment areas

Whether you require a place to do work or a place to relax, we have over the years gathered some great ideas that help to create an ideal space for work and play. We will design and install a well-planned and balanced environment to suit your needs.


With the huge choice of kitchen appliances on the market these days, it can be somewhat overwhelming when looking for the ones you want in your home. We have acquired access to a wide variety of makes and models through our supply network and can offer you your new appliances at a very competitive price.

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